Agent Chat

No agent is an island and they rely heavily on each other to solve problems every day. With agent chat the goal was to provide a synchronous form of communication on the ticket, isolating it from the public conversation while not detaching it completely from the context of the problem they’re working on.

Collaboration between teammates already took place through pseudo chats using internal notes or on messaging platforms like Slack or Google Chat. The tradeoff here was between a slower a-synchronous system that was designed around email, or detaching discussions from the context of the ticket. Agent chat addressed these gaps by exploring what embedding chat within Support would be. This would also provide an opportunity to rethink how Zendesk content would be rendered. Help Center articles, macros, and other commonly shared links could be formatted smartly, surfacing helpful information up front.

When observing real life conversations that teams were having we noticed that they were often occurring across departments. Engineering, sales, customer service, all need to have open channels of communication. Not everyone lives inside of Zendesk and asking them to use it for a conversation would become a barrier. We explored an integration with Slack that would allow agents to communicate out and others to receive messages within the tools they are familiar with.