Agent Experience Vision

A design led offsite to tie a common thread through other smaller initiatives happening on the areas where agents spend most of their time. At the end of our offsite we had defined four tenants that would guide future work and decision making. 1) Collaborative 2) Human 3) Connected 4) Integrated


Teams work together to solve problems and need to be able to efficiently communicate with one another, leaving a paper trail for one another when need be. Seek answers to questions they have, escalate to another team, etc. Team communication takes many forms, from leaving asynchronous notes to using outside channels like slack and g-chat. To help improve communication we explored chats that were attached to the ticket and collaborative editing.

Early collaboration study
Agent chat


The ticket can become bloated with internal notes, events logs, multiple contributors, making information difficult to parse. We wanted to find ways to conceal and reveal information as needed. Collapsed internal notes, conversation filtering, consolidated events were introduced to prevent cluttering.

Comment stream filtering
Collapsed notes
Avatar pattern


The ticket can incorporate conversations from channels ranging from chat to voice to social media channels. It was important that a module be developed that could incorporate content from these various sources in a consistant manner while providing functionality needed for those sources.

Zendesk Voice module
Zendesk Chat module
Existing chat transcript
Existing avatar pattern
Existing avatar pattern


Relationships with your customers last more than a single conversation. Having access to a wider context can help our customers better engage with theirs. What conversations have taken place in the past, what issues have they had, what is their customer satisfaction, and have they reached out to you in other ways such as social media or a phone call. Connectivity in this case speaks to centering the current conversation around those participants.

User profile
Event preview
Email meta information
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