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Macros are an essential workflow tool, providing a catalogue of pre-written responses, allowing for consistency and efficiency. In order to be useful, customers need to know where to find what they’re looking for. We organized a two-day offsite to help improve the way admins organize their team’s macros.

The current organizational structure is adding a ‘::’ to the macro name itself, creating a nesting structure that can be drilled into when applying a macro to a ticket. While there is something simple about this solution, it presents a number of management problems:

1. Other than documentation and word of mouth, a new (or even existing) customer has no way of knowing that they can create categories.

2. Because every macro can have a totally free-form category, many accounts wind up with similarly named or nearly-identically-named categories.

3. Reading macro names as Category:: Category:: Category::Actual name is actually fairly difficult to parse and make sense of. It feels cluttered, and is hard to scan.

4. Changing the name of a category would require you repeat change in every macro within that category.

Current list page
Original status page
Current edit page

Lite Weight Direction: UI discoverability

The team wanted to explore options that would not only be long term but also solutions that could be developed more quickly. Keeping the existing nomenclature but adding UI to the macro edit page that would allow for discovery and make categories more visible when naming the current one.

Larger Overhaul: Folders

As a more blue sky direction we explored how macro organization could be simplified by replacing the ‘::' nomenclature in the name with a more robust folder structure. Doing this we could be able to better perform tasks such as renaming a top-level category, you would currently need to rename all macros categorized as such. It would make discovery more intuitive and navigating large numbers from an admin perspective easier.

Proposed list page with folders
Proposed edit page
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