Zendesk admin templates

The admin experience for Zendesk has evolved over time and never had a cohesive system. Configuring Zendesk is just as, if not more important than using it so getting this right was very important. The template provides a consistent structure for the various page types within admin, making it simpler for users to navigate and configure.

The admin experience for Zendesk has evolved over time and has never been guided by a cohesive system. Beginning with pages that were being built by engineering teams, we developed templates and rules that could be carried across the other areas. This included patterns for handling lists, forms, states, actions, ordering, etc.

The successful setup of Zendesk begins with admin and simplifying this experience means less time spent setting up and having your system up and running more quickly. It is also one of the first impressions a customer may have with the product.

Original admin pages
Bulk updating
Macro edit page
List reordering

A new design system could not only address old functionality, but also better accommodate new features such as revision history for certain areas.

WYSWYG Editor on macro
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