Zendesk Status Page

Things break. We needed a relevant and accurate source of reliability information where our customers could go when something went awry and prospective customers could go to view a more general track record.

The Status page is a reflection of the reliability of Zendesk, showing incidents and when customers may be experiencing issues or an outage. The old page displayed a statistic along the lines of “99% uptime” that was more marketing influenced than helpful information for out customers. The objective of the new page was to tailor information to our customers, having them input their Zendesk subdomain and showing them only what was relevant to them.

Original status page
Original status page
Original status page
Early redesign concept

The design uses a graphed timeline that can be explored and used to pull up current and historic incidents. In the end we decided to only show issues on the graph, using a minimal palette to reduce visual noise.

Early redesign concepts
Before customer subdomain is entered
After customer subdomain is entered

Not wanting to build a mobile site from scratch but still wanting the data to be easily consumable while away from your desk, we made built a flexible graph and surfaced detailed information through a pane that slides in above the timeline.

Mobile layouts
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